FX2 INFORMATION SERVICES LIMITED was established in 2007, after spending years in the Multimedia Industry working for different Companies.

We believe in what We do! We put all Our energies so that no job is left unfinished, and our attention to details makes it possible.

Some services can be provided remotely, like the Hosting Structure, the Website Creation and Maintenance, the Remote Controlled Assistance; other services, the ones based onto hardware intervention, can either be provided at our facilities, or at the Customer's location, if viable.

We have a Live Chat Virtual Assistant, which you can address your requests to, or Skype, if you want to video-chat, and the old-fashioned contact form for more precise needs.

So, you just have to contact Us... Now!

But, before doing so, please make sure you have tried, at least once, to power your device off... And back on!


If your device is broken, or is malfunctioning...
Maybe it's time to get an upgrade, or it might be possible to fix it...
Contact Us with some information and We will be able to assist you promptly


If you have issues with your hardware, we can help you:

  • Wired & Wireless Networking Setup

Is your router driving you mad? Are some ethernet cables not working at all? Is your WiFi disconnecting continuously?

Is your connection unstable? Need to boost the WiFi signal in the premises?

Can't you let all your devices connect to the internet simultaneously or share information on the local network?

  • Disaster Recovery & Data Backup/Migration

Your Hard Disk has given up... All your important work material is in it, and within a few days you are due a presentation at work...

You have run our of space because you moved all your pictures onto your computer, and your cloud space is not that big...

Your smartphone is playing up and you would like to make sure everything is safe, just in case...

  • Virus & Spyware Scan/Removal

You thought it would never happen to you but, despite the software protections you installed, something spoiled your device...

You have added an extension to your browser and now strange things happen...

Someone took control over your device and will not release it to you, until you will pay them a ransom...

You have received an e-mail from someone you know, and you opened the attachment...

You don't know exactly, but you feel something with your device is not right..

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